iOS - iphone, ipad

  • iOS apps development for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
  • UI/UX design of the iOS apps.
  • Porting apps to/from iOS.
  • Submitting apps to the app store.


  • Video/Audio streaming.
  • 2D/3D graphics.
  • GPS/LBS.
  • Video/Audio Streaming.


Veave has developed multiple custom solutions for Android, from separate widgets and standalone applications to Java solutions using .NET Web services and enterprise-level mobile clients integrated with heterogeneous corporate systems.

One of the key issues in developing Android applications is dealing with the OS's fragmentation. Android's software and hardware are so diverse that it's not always easy to assure an app runs smoothly on all handsets and smartphones. Veave’s Android development team is very familiar with the specifics of the full range of Android’s existing versions, including degree of their compatibility with different hardware. Even the simplest Android applications developed by Veave have scalable layouts and are tested for different resolutions, while more complex apps are designed for different resolutions from the onset, often providing different behaviors for different hardware as needed. We also keep a broad range of hardware in-house to facilitate the testing.


HTML5 is a next generation front-end user interface technology. It’s not merely a new technical specification allowing developers to solve technical problems easier; it's a definite game changer in the approach to website development, which provides a competitive advantage to businesses that opt to use HTML5 today.

HTML5 enables cross-platform development for a variety of mobile devices. Veave builds cross-platform HTML5 applications that can be run across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, thanks to our deep knowledge of both new standards and specialized HTML5 frameworks such as:

  • Sencha and Sencha Touch
  • jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • jQTouch
  • Kendo UI

Combining the strengths of these platforms with our design experience we create iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android HTML5 applications that have a native look and feel and usability.

Veave HTML 5 programmers specialize in the following apps:

  • Offline HTML5 applications using Local Storage.
  • Real-time applications using Web Sockets/Web Workers/WebRT.
  • Applications supporting File System APIs/Hardware access.
  • Graphics/Multimedia/WebGLapplications.

Additionally, we are familiar with typical issues faced by enterprises when updating a legacy front end to HTML5. We help CTOs to apply cost-effective solutions for the following tasks:

  • Conversion of legacy applications to mobile versions.
  • Creation of HTML5-compatible back-end API.
  • Separation of business logic from the presentation layer (interface).
  • Mashing up data from several applications.

However, sometimes even the latest and greatest technologies can’t guarantee a successful application. But we understand that a great user experience is key to any application’s success. Veave understands the value of using the best User Interface Design practices. Our UI specialists design HTML5 mobile applications following best practices of simple user experience:

  • Great user experience comes from end users working closely with strategy, design, and technology specialists.
  • Experience is what users want, and we provide.
  • Focus on viable features only.
  • Engage designers early.

Besides aforementioned great advantages, HTML5 has additional security features which will help your business with:

  • Storage and DOM variables protection.
  • API and protocol attack prevention.
  • Cross-site scripting with attributes, tags and events.
  • CSRF with XHR and CORS bypass.
  • Web socket issues.
  • Browser SQL Points.
  • Click/CORS/tabs Jacking.

Overall, Veave is the right Agile vendor for:

  • HTML5 Application Design and Development.
  • HTML5 Desktop Application Development.
  • HTML5 iPhone Application Development.
  • HTML5 iPad Application Development.
  • HTML5 Android Application Development.
  • Legacy Front-End to HTML5 Migration.
  • Flash to HTML5 Migration.