Manufacturers today face new challenges such as new market opportunities, global and complex supply chain, and diverse set of user demands related to information flow within and across organizational boundaries. Products are getting complex, intense competition in the market, and customers wants more choices than ever before. Market demands vary continuously and is unpredictable. Building flexible IT solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP and analytics to improve manufacturing operations and increase your competitiveness is a growing challenge. Veave has deep domain knowledge of manufacturing systems and we leverage this with our expertise in CRM, SharePoint and BI and Analytics to help you face these challenges.

At Veave we help manufacturers tackle these challenges. Our solutions will help you of delivery:

  • Leverage existing information assets, application infrastructure to.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Take better decisions.
  • Improve revenue, margins and expand markets.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Contract, supplier and vendor management.

We work with your existing ERP systems, CRM systems and build integrated solutions and systems to improve efficiency and productivity. We identify existing needs and map them into current industry best practices. We demonstrate benefits of solutions using technology components from Veave’s library and other major vendors.


Veave is a leading HIPAA compliant healthcare service provider of ambulatory cardiac remote monitoring and reporting solutions for monitoring relevant and timely clinical information regarding an individual's health. Veave's efforts are focused on the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias, or heart rhythm disorders, with a solution in the field of Tele-Medicine for the leading IDTFs, hospital networks and small medical practices.

Our centralized cardio monitoring lab offers the below reporting services in a real-time 24/7/365 delivery model.

  • Holter Monitoring Services (24/48 Hours Monitoring, Analyzing and Reporting)
  • Event Monitoring Services
  • ACT Monitoring Services
  • 12 Lead/ 6 Lead/ 3 Lead ECG Analysis and Reporting

Why Veave?
We are offering remote cardiac monitoring and reporting service as per regulatory guidelines and stringent compliance protocols of HIPAA. HIPAA compliances underline our commitment to maintain best in class healthcare industry standards for service quality, excellence and accountability to our clients’ business processes and projects.

Best Practice - Quality Scoring. How Do We Achieve This?

  • Our Registered Cardiographic Certified Technicians (CCT’s) manually score all the studies. All our CCT’s have over 5 years of scoring experience.
  • Our Senior Technicians use various methodologies and analytics to ensure accuracy of all the studies that are manually scored by EPOCH.
  • In line with regulatory guidelines, stringent practice guidelines and continues training program are followed.
  • Regular Inter Analysis Reliability Tests are conducted among our team and jointly with our clients’ technicians.
  • Veave understands the stringent quality requirements of the business and its internal quality assurance program is monitored and managed by senior technicians and advisors, who are registered CCT’s.
  • As a part of our execution we follow stringent workflow processes that have been established by ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 27001:2013. Backed by our Internal Audit processes, we manage to deliver services at quality levels way above client expectations.

Quality Compliance
Veave uses HIPAA-compliant standard operating procedures. With regular internal process audits conducted to ensure the effectiveness of our quality management system and SOP adherence. All of our standard operating procedures as well as our computer systems are validated and maintained under a controlled change system until no longer required or obsolete.

Veave’s ECG team provides solutions that combine optimal technology, medical oversight and logistics with outstanding service. Based on protocol requirements and clients’ preference, Veave offers several ECG reading methodologies using varied degrees of automation and manual application of cardiologist expertise.

ECG analyses typically include morphological interpretations, PR, RR, QRS, QT, QTcB and QTcF. QTcI, other QT correction formulas and less-common cardiac safety biomarkers are provided when appropriate.

  • Our Registered Cardiographic Certified Technicians (CCT’s) manually score all the studies. All our CCT’s have over 5 years of scoring experience.
  • Project preparation & Analysis
  • Execution & Transition
  • Process migration & Pilot
  • Synergetic Optimization

Veave with over 8 years of experience in building and delivering cutting edge solutions will be your 'trusted' partner in this Healthcare Business Transformation. By outsourcing your healthcare IT needs to Veave, you can focus on other critical regulatory and healthcare delivery issues. With Veave, you can be sure that you will get a quality work product at a very competitive price with excellent support service.

Software Expertise Remote Desktop
Philips Zymed M-COT
Heart Star
Mortara - Veritas


Technology providers face continual challenges – competing on innovation, time to market, sustaining and supporting existing offerings with operational efficiency, and ensuring impeccable quality.Veave's focus in the technology industry encompasses Commercial Software and Cloud/SaaS vendors, Software-Enabled Service Providers and Technology Hardware Manufacturers.

We provide software development, software testing and software outsourcing

  • SaaS Development & Migration.
  • Mobile App Development & Enablement.
  • Embedded Software Development.
  • Independent Software Testing.
  • Software Labs for Offshore Software Development.
  • Software Testing Labs for Testing & QA Outsourcing.

Our Technology Consulting services for Technology organizations encompass

  • Portals & Collaboration.
  • BI & Analytics.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Customer Solutions.
  • Cloud Enablement.

We are constantly evolving our capabilities to help technology companies do more with less: deliver software solutions on popular and trending platforms faster and ensure high quality within time constraints, with fewer resources, and lower costs. We achieve this by deploying best-in-class resources, adopting and standardizing best practices and best-in-class development tools, and leveraging development accelerators as often as possible.

E - Commerce

Online retailers both established and startups are looking for ways to maximize revenue with existing budgets. They also continue to innovate through skillful merchandizing, supply chain partnerships and use of appropriate technology that helps them differentiate themselves from competition. Veave develops solutions for e-Commerce enterprises and online retailers to help them remain competitive.

Veave helps e-businesses run and grow their operations profitably. We help e-businesses plan their business strategies, choose the right tools and technologies, build, develop or migrate their applications, run their operations efficiently and transform their revenue models through SaaS, Web 2.0.

Veave has helped many online retailers:

  • Develop innovative storefronts using RIA.
  • Streamline order flow, integrate inventory feeds.
  • Enable seamless data exchange with vendors and partners.
  • Automate internal workflow processes.
  • Integrate web applications with ERP systems.
  • Develop custom CRM and personalization solutions for loyalty programs.
  • Intelligently use web services and APIs for integration with agencies like aggregators, credit rating agencies and other e-commerce providers.

Veave’s performance testing and QA services help online retailers test and fortify their application for events, seasonal shoppers and unpredictable traffic scenarios.

At Veave, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. For over eight years, we have used our expertise in e-commerce, intranet and portal development, personalization technology, and community- building to design systems that manage customer information, analyzes complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content.

Financial Services

In the world of financial technology, only the smartest, fastest-learning, and most efficient teams find work and only exceptional ones succeed. For over eight years, we've focused on hiring and training the best talent for Veave. Every vendor knows that building and keeping a world-class team requires sacrifices in short-term profits; only a few make that choice. As a result, clients confirm that our teams are consistently stronger than any other vendor they have worked with in the past.

Our most critical asset, our engineers, both on-site and offshore, speak the language of finance. They understand the data, workflows, compliance requirements, and math behind securities valuations, risk and trading. Most importantly, they have experience delivering software used daily by portfolio managers, traders and risk analysts around the globe.

We are your partner in Business Transformation – helping you optimize your business models, technology, talent, & customer relationships to become more innovative & competitive. We deliver affordable, customized, & integrated financial services & solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business. Our software solutions are cutting edge & innovative, driving efficiency, productivity, & performance within your business.

We serve the following Financial Services Industry Segments.

  • Asset & Wealth Management.
  • Retail/Wholesale Banking.
  • Cards & Payments.
  • Investment Banking & Brokerage.
  • Solution Providers.


Education industry is rapidly going global in this increasingly flat world - leveraging the connectivity offered by the internet, the industry is gearing up to offer better access, convenience and flexibility to learners. A number of technologies such as standard browser access, SaaS, RIA such as Silverlight, Flash and AJAX, mature open source infrastructure are playing together to make this a reality.

Veave serves the education industry in the three major market segments:

  • Education and e-Learning Software Vendors.
  • Schools & Education Institutions.
  • Enterprises.

Veave has created a number of solutions by delivering software products, teaching aids, training materials, custom solutions in e-learning, learning management, content delivery, distance learning and enterprise portal & collaborative solutions.

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is impacted by economic expansions and contractions, competition, evolving labor laws, and increasing regulations surrounding customer data privacy. While the need to manage costs remains imperative, so does the requirement to deliver the best service possible. Crises are opportunities to drive bold changes. To survive the crisis, industry would need urgent action. Keeping this in mind, the industry should focus on modernizing their business with technology, improve convenience and cost benefits.

Veave is your Travel & Hospitality Technology partner empowering you to embrace these challenges successfully in building solutions that are business aligned, use cutting edge technology and provide quick turnover to market. Today many leading Travel and Hospitality ISVs, Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies partner with us to help them realize more value in meeting their complex IT needs.

Veave’s travel and hospitality practice, providing end-to-end technology solution and services to the industry, is ready to accept these challenges and cater to industry with our pool of services that would deliver cost savings. Our applications can be tailored to suit specific needs and is designed to be scalable in scope and performance in tune with business growth. Veave provides solutions that can help travel and hospitality schedule staff, manage cost, protect customer data privacy, and ensure quality in bookings and inquiries.

Veave has a pool of experienced domain and technical experts who believe in simplifying the business through cost effective innovation and add value to the travel and hospitality industry.


Veave’s experience in logistics and supply chain domain provides an answer to the challenge of finding the most innovative ways to reduce the operating costs and capital investments while increasing the customer service, meeting the challenge of our clients’ operations and creating better Supply Chain managers. The uses of our solutions generate better practices and allow the companies to transform their supply chain structure and policies to reach this goal.

With Veave the companies can model and simulate their logistics and supply chain challenges by using a wide range of "what-if", scenarios, in costs and in flow of materials. It covers the supply, manufacturing, storage, handling and transportation.

Veave’s domain expertise will help our clients to :

  • Model the whole supply chain from the raw materials to the finished and delivered products.
  • Compares the relative values of the scenarios from any cost or prospective profits.
  • Planning under uncertainty, with generation and analysis of a "What-if" scenario.
  • Understand that the inventory of project costs of the design decisions of a network are based on parameters linked to the business (rules to follow).